What to learn from the Covid-19

Still yet unsaid.
The current pandemic has shaken every aspect of our daily life in general. This can be seen from the government directives to combat the spread of corona virus. The infection has been spreading so fast that the measures put into place to minimize the spread are not so much effective as far as the local citizens are doing best taking the measures. There several things I have learned from the pandemic and its my pleasure to share them with everybody.
First of all, this pandemic is bringing a lot of families together and also strengthening their relationships. For instance, I have an extended family which was spread all over the country and each person concentrating on making more money and not connecting with the rest of the relatives. The spread of corona has alarmed everyone to move towards the less vulnerable zones of the country- the remote areas of the country-, as a result of this the family had to come together at the place where they all originated. Moreover, these people came along with other members of their families like their children and marriage partners.
The government is on the run to save the economy and cushion the impacts of the pandemic. This has been done by weaving and reducing the domestic tax which is imposed to the daily consumer products. By doing this the authorities assumes that the load on economy will be minimized to more bearable state. To me I highly doubt the directive because it fails to consider important facts of all other public administration, for example, the economy requires the participation of all sectors of economy in order to maintain balance. The manufacturing, aviation and the public transport sectors as well as other key industries that play a key role in the national financial grid, according to a research done by oxfirm, the three sectors are the most affected by the pandemic, therefore, the governments should undertake more research in making the sectors more immune to the economic and social impacts of the disease.
The computer technology related fields are still yet to show significant level of destructions caused by the infections, this mainly because most people are currently using smart-phones and other computer based technology. As a result of this people are still browsing the internet and also publishing their ideas to the internet-based platforms such as Google and other related places. Google is still making sure that the world is organized by providing the fastest and yet user friendly search engine, this maintains order in how the world’s valuable data/information is stored safely for the people to easily access regardless of the prevailing condition. Personally, I think this is the most important branch of innovation today because it helps worldwide news about the pandemic to be conveyed and received at a faster rate, hence creating the necessary awareness required to reduce the spread.
JOMO and FOMO are critical aspects of the world today, the two stands for ‘Joy Of Missing Out and Fear Of Missing Out’ respectively. These two words are very important in the situation of the current times, but the most crucial one is JOMO because this means we have no fear of being left out when crucial actions are being taken. Last night I listened to a podcast from Adept English which shed some light on how the two can be fused with our daily lives and that has gone a long way to change my thinking about how life should be viewed and lived
During this period of social distancing and lockdown, I wake up feeling like I have no purpose for living but at the end of the day am convinced that I have to work hard for everything that I want to make happen in my life. That feeling makes me get my mind straight to start trying new ways of making ends meet and this translates to the fact that the ends are more important to me than the means. Eating, sleeping and watching has been the format of everyone around me and to many across the globe and to some extent the trend is getting into my conscious almost unconsciously. The time we have sitting around doing nothing is so abundant and we have to start restructuring our mentality towards productivity no matter the situation. The worst part of this lockdown state is doing nothing all day long making us less productive and for some its a norm but to many more others it feels like we are lacking social freedom even though we are not caught up in our daily routines which we were used to before this mess started.
You will bear with me that almost everybody around you right now is hooked to a screen, either a smart device like a computer and mobile phones or other devices such as TVs. To me these are the most dangerous things to trap us this period. The TV is full of Covid 19 news while the mobile phones are filled with panic from every corner.
I believe that God has better plans for us and He will protect us from more severe and painful end times. His grace is more sufficient and He does everything for a good course.The ultimate step to take now is to learn from this experience He has made us go through.Let’s not trade our energy with a state of panic, instead lets shift it to productivity and more valuable activities which can make better people after all these breaking news trend is over. Remember the media will just make it worse because afterall the moguls behind it are after maximizing profit returns on their enterprises and they will always make sure the next news briefing will be our first priority and for our entire families.
IF YOU’RE NOT PAYING FOR IT, YOU’RE THE PRODUCT. Take it or leave it but it is the crystal clear truth and we should take custody of the information we feed our minds.Our brain is more or less like a complex computer and we are responsible for programming it with what we see and hear each time we are conscious. Netflix is doing their best to study how human brains work to enable them to suggest the best TV shows that will make you want to pay for more screentime, and this is the high time they are making sure their plans are realised because the world is at home eyes glued on screens and lying around doing nothing, get it from me, they’re on the road to finding what triggers your brain to make you watch more and more and this not only applies for Netflix but all other companies which are after your time and attention. These companies pick the best psychologists in the market to give a professional input of how to make their products more and more addictive, that’s why you can’t stay a day without checking your phone, they’re re winning you and taking control over you, stay informed. Its good to watch TV shows but don’t let yourself carried away making it a priority over other important errands.
As the people of the 21st century lets be vigilant about how we are getting treated and handled by the systems,lets stand up and keep deaf ears to every non-beneficial insight these heads try to instill on us and lets unite to build brighter days for our forthcoming generations

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