Get up and let’s do something creative, our minds have unlimited power to make the impossible possible. I might not be the greatest person on this planet but my mind tells me I can do everything I want in this life since I am the master of my fate. It will be my genuine pleasure to share what is inside me with everyone who will come across this article.

Doing something creative is one of the most amazing experiences one can have in a lifetime. Everyone interested in creating something extraordinary is often troubled by a few obstacles coming across their path of success. It is very easy to be creative as long as you have a vision of what you want to create; it all starts with visualizing the idea inside your mind.  Once you have the exact design that you want to make in your mind, it is very possible to turn it into reality. My main focus will be on how you can make great designs that are unique with minimal classic features since the demand in the market is following the same trend.

“Creativity is involving the use of skills and the imagination to produce something or work of art”   according to The Oxford Dictionary.

Is this topic of today I will tell you all it takes to realize your unlimited flow of beautiful ideas within you. Graphic design is a field that requires a lot of attention to master the skills. Each year Adobe and other graphic design companies updates their software’s to unleash more creativity in people who are ready to do what it takes to gain the skill.

It’s not a must to join a designing school to be a graphic designer, these skills can be learned through several ways, and nowadays the pace of technology is away more ahead than the level of the education system and each day things outside school keep on changing while the system stays stagnant for a while until the syllabus changes.

This field is very diverse, and there is a bunch of graphic designing software in the market, and also the internet is crowded with graphic design sites for you to unleash your creative potential.  

These tips can be very useful not only for graphic designers but also for anybody who is able to deploy the same within their life. Here are the tips to help be more creative in graphic designing.

1. Trust in your craft/work.

The most powerful tool in graphic design is to trust your ability to influence others positively and most important to communicate the intended information while maintaining the creativity in your design.

Sometimes it is tough to balance everything, but this calls for visionary minds, which are willing to put in the hours to come up with the ideas. Reality is created inside our conscious minds so it’s upon us to turn ideas into reality.

If you can see the design been a killer then trust your instincts and throw the design to the public and wait for the positive feedback. Work on the negative feedback and make sure they don’t ruin your original idea. In this world, you should be ready for the haters to criticize your great work, take the critics as a challenge because it is said that “if it doesn’t break you it makes you. Just do what your heart feels is right and ignore the noise. Don’t let the storm get within you let it be around.

Once you trust your work then it means you are on the right track of been creative, and that is followed by

2. Choose the platform that suite you well.

By platform I mean the software that you feel fits you well, in the market, there are so many platforms that are classified according to their function from designing poster design, 2D modeling, and 3D modeling. Check out this post about the various software which you should equip yourself with as a graphic designer.  Here are is the best software which every graphic designer must learn.

Before you decide which field to deal with, you should seek from within to consider the best skills which you feel will be easy to master and become a specialist in. After choosing the platform now is the time to how the platform can be used to be a powerful tool for your tasks.

3. Master your craft

After you’ve found the best platform to use for your job the next thing you will do is to learn the skills required for the program to become an effective graphic designer. This can be done mostly by engaging yourself in online free courses for graphic design, watching tutorials via YouTube, or any other streaming sites for online educational videos; though the most overall used is YouTube.

There are so many online courses for graphic design today, some are resourceful and others are not, it takes time to master the skills but if you put your time and attention you can do anything you want.

Just take in what you feel is important for the task you are currently dealing with. Through that, you are able to master one skill at a time, instead of having to read a whole 500-page book to gain nothing because you are overwhelmed by the vast information the book contains. Just capture what is important to understand your program better.

These sources act as the main guidelines to lead us through path of graphic design, it takes time to master the skills but with patience and determination everything is possible. As long as the you have a clear idea within your imagination turning it into reality becomes an easy task.

Learning graphics never ends because there is so many ideas you can make a reality from through the skills.

4. Consider having a mentor.

Sometimes you need a person who has been there for some time, through this you can get the encouragement you need to keep on improving your skills. Mentors can be found through crawling the internet or social media, through this you can be able to ask the most troubling questions and get instant feedback for effective production.

If you don’t find a good mentor don’t worry, just Google the problems you are facing and there are high chances that you are not the first person to have that kind of problem. Many people go through similar problems before they get what they are looking for, in most cases the answers are relevant as long as the direction you are using is the same as the person having such problems.

There are tons of websites dedicated to helping people solve their problems, and also YouTube can be one of the resourceful sites you can ever have as a graphic designer.

The people you will meet during this process can really help you to master your skills as long as you are consistent and patient to learn.

Keep in mind that is not a must to be mentored as long as you know what you want to do, have a clear vision of your ideas, and master your skills and you can be your own mentor.

5. Put in the time and effort.

To be a master of your fate you must spend at least 2hours of your day learning the skills of graphic design, if you are able to do this then it’s possible to create extra-ordinary work with less energy.

By putting in the time, I don’t mean you should spend the whole day doing graphics because the human mind cannot work effectively for a long period of time, you can spend at least 2hours per session and take frequent breaks to be more creative and productive.

The best way to be creative is by taking reasonable breaks after every 1-2 hours to allow your mind to rest as it creates other ideas to make your design look great.

As you work on the design you can engage your mind with cool music that motivates you or listen to eBooks, this calms down and also joggles your mind for better productivity. That been said let’s move on to another tip for becoming a great graphic designer.

6. Get the proper tools (computer).

Most of the pro graphic design programs require a bit powerful computer, like a core i3 processor or high with at least 4 GB of ram for best productivity.

Though the market is flooded with a lot of computers with different specifications, the basic programs can run on most of the computers, if it meets the minimum requirements of the program you want to use.

A good computer with at least a dual-core processor and 2GB of ram can support most beginner programs like Adobe Photoshop cs3-cs5. These types of laptops can be as cheap as $100.

Other basic accessories you can enquire as a graphic designer are an external mouse and headphones or earphones. Though the main one is an external mouse the others are optional.

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