How to become a self-taught designer

To me, graphic design is all about showcasing your skills which are unique and impressive. People take different routes through their career journey. Been a self-made graphic designer may take various paths to reach the same destination, the school way, and the self-taught through-way.


Get up and let’s do something creative, our minds have unlimited power to make the impossible possible. I might not be the greatest person on this planet but my mind tells me I can do everything I want in this life since I am the master of my fate. It will be my genuine pleasure to share what is inside me with everyone who will come across this article. Doing… Read More »HOW TO BE CREATIVE

What to learn from the Covid-19

Still yet unsaid.The current pandemic has shaken every aspect of our daily life in general. This can be seen from the government directives to combat the spread of corona virus. The infection has been spreading so fast that the measures put into place to minimize the spread are not so much effective as far as the local citizens are doing best taking the measures. There several things I have learned… Read More »What to learn from the Covid-19